Brass Monkey Fridge User Manual Guide: The Complete Guide to Operating

Welcome to the brass monkey fridge user manual. This guide is designed to help you get the most out of your brass monkey fridge and provides all the information you need to get up and running quickly and easily. From turning your fridge on to connecting to the brass monkey fridge app, resetting and more, this guide article has got you covered. We’ll also provide helpful advice on how to troubleshoot common issues and error codes, as well as how to locate and replace the fuse on your fridge. Let’s start with the user manual guide about brass monkey fridge, we will discuss every step-in detail.

How to Turn on Brass Monkey Fridge?

How to Turn on Brass Monkey Fridge

To get your Brass Monkey Fridge on, follow these simple steps:

  • Plug the fridge into a power outlet.
  • Press the power button on the control panel.
  • Set the temperature control knob according to your need.
  • Your fridge will now be running and ready for use.

With these simple steps, you can easily turn on your Brass Monkey Fridge and get it to the right temperature!

How to Use Brass Monkey Fridge App?

Using the brass monkey fridge app is easy and simple! Follow these simple steps to connect your fridge with app:

1. Download and install the brass monkey fridge app from the Apple store or Google play store.

Most of the people ask “how to connect to the brass monkey fridge, how to bluetooth brass monkey fridge, how to pair brass monkey fridge” these questions. Here is the answer to these questions.

2. After installing your brass monkey fridge app, you will see the “Scan you fridge” option on your screen.

3. Click on it.

4. Then you will see your fridge bluetooth name on your app.

5. Click on the name of your fridge which appears on your screen.

6. After clicking on it, your fridge will connect with a mobile app

How To Use Brass Monkey Fridge App

With this brass-monkey fridge app, users can handle many things like temperature, ecosystem and many other settings.

Which Brass Monkey Fridges Have Bluetooth?

There are many models of brass monkey fridge that have the bluetooth function. With this bluetooth function users can easily connect their fridge with a brass monkey fridge mobile app. Here is the list of brass monkey fridge models that have the bluetooth option.

  • GH2004
  • GH2030
  • GH2032
  • GH2036
  • GH2038
  • GH2068
  • GH2034
  • GH1640
  • GH2022
  • GH2080

How to Reset Brass Monkey Fridge?

Forget about the hassle of resetting your brass monkey freezer, just follow these simple steps and you’ll be done in no time!

1. Press and hold the SET button for “3 seconds”. 

2. The fridge display screen will flash “H”.

3.  Use the “SET button” to select L (Low), M (Medium), or H (High) protection. The “factory default” is set to (High) H protection.

After following these steps, you can reset your monkey freezer quickly and easily!

Brass Monkey Fridge Codes

If you encounter any error codes on your Brass Monkey Fridge, refer to the following list of codes and their corresponding functions:

Code F1:

What is f1 on a brass monkey fridge? F1 indicates low voltage protection. To resolve this issue, set the battery protection button from H (High) to M (Medium) or from M (Medium) to L (Low).

Code F2:

F2 indicates fan overload protection. Turn off your fridge and turn on again after “30 minutes” to solve this problem.

Code F3: 

What is f3 on a brass monkey fridge? F3 indicates compressor frequent start protection. Turn off your fridge and turn on again after “30 minutes” to solve this problem.

Code F4:

F4 indicates that your fridge compressor is “overloaded” or working at a low speed. Turn off your fridge and turn on again after “30 minutes” to solve this problem.

Code F5:

F5 indicates “high-temperature compressor” module protection. To resolve this, move your brass monkey freezer to a well-ventilated area and turn it off for “30 minutes” before restarting it.

Code F6:

F6 indicates that the controller is unable to detect any parameters. To resolve this, restart the product.

Code F7 or F8:

This indicates temperature sensor error protection. To resolve this, check the sensor terminal from your fridge.

Note: If the code displays again, contact the shop where you buy the fridge.

How Many Watts Does a Brass Monkey Fridge Use?

The power consumption of a brass monkey fridge can vary based on the model and size of the fridge. Generally, smaller fridges consume less power compared to larger ones. On average, a Brass Monkey Fridge typically uses around “45 to 80 watts”.

To ensure you are using the most energy-efficient model, it is best to refer to the user manual or contact the manufacturer for exact details about the power consumption of your brass monkey fridge.

Brass Monkey Fridge Problems

As other appliances, the brass monkey fridge also has some problems, which we discuss here. There are few problems with the brass monkey fridge which people face.

  • Fridge is not working
  • Frozen products inside the fridge
  • Flowing of water
  • Wet surface with water drops

These are the common brass monkey fridge problems that people face. We also cover the solution of these problems, if you face any of them then read the troubleshooting of the problems.

Troubleshooting of Brass Monkey Fridge Problems:

Troubleshooting your Brass Monkey Fridge can be a daunting task, but with the right knowledge, it doesn’t have to be. Here are some common issues that users may encounter, and how to resolve them: 

Fridge is not working:

This issue occur due to;

  • Power supply not working
  • Plug and socket are not connected
  • Damage Fuse
  • Power on switch off
  • Compressor does not start (compressor starts working after 3 minutes of turning on).

These are the common factors of the fridge not working. You should check all these factors one by one. After correcting these factors, your fridge will start working.

Frozen products inside the fridge:

If your products come frozen inside your fridge then set your fridge temperature at low.

Flowing of Water:

If you listen to the sound of water flowing from your fridge. Don’t be worried about it because this is a normal process of a brass monkey fridge.

Wet Surface with Water Drops:

Mostly water drops appear on the surface of the brass monkey fridge body. Don’t be worried about this condition because this is a normal process, you just need to clean this water with a dry towel cloth.