How to Clean a Roomba: Tips and Tricks for a Spotless Robot Vacuum

Roombas are a revolutionary invention that makes keeping your floors clean and tidy a breeze. But like any other household appliance, they need regular maintenance and cleaning to stay effective. To ensure your roomba is always best in running, you should clean it regularly and check for any potential issues. Taking the time to care for your roomba will help you get the most out of it for years to come. First you need to learn how to clean a roomba vacuum at your home.

How To Clean A Roomba

    Steps of Cleaning a Roomba Vacuum

    Here is the step by step guide to help you clean your roomba and ensure it runs like new:

    1. Supplies for Roomba cleaning

    Before beginning the cleaning process, it’s important to make sure you have all the necessary supplies. Gather a;

    • Clean dry cloth.
    • Phillips head screwdriver.
    • The small cleaning tool (came with your roomba).
    Supplies for Roomba cleaning

    2. Remove the Brush

    Removing the brush from your roomba is simple and straightforward. To get started,

    1. Turn the roomba over and look for the two yellow tabs on either side of the brush.

    2. Press these tabs inwards, and the brush will pop out, ready to be removed.

    Remove The Brush

    3. Clean Roomba Brush

    Once you have removed the brush, use the small cleaning tool to thoroughly remove any hair and debris that has wrapped around it. Gently tap the brush against a hard surface to dislodge any dirt, dust, and any other debris that may be stuck to it. Finally, use a dry cloth to thoroughly wipe the brush down and remove any remaining particles.

    Clean Roomba Brush

    4. Clean the Roomba Brush Bearings

    Clean the brush bearings by using a small cleaning tool to remove any hair or debris that might have gathered around them. Take the opportunity to do this while the brush is removed, as this will ensure that the brush bearings are kept clean and functioning properly.

    Clean the Roomba Brush Bearings

    5. Remove and Clean the Roomba Filter

    To clean your roomba’s filter, open the filters back cover, remove the filter and clean the robot vacuum filter with a dry cloth. For particularly dirty filters, use soap and water and dry filters before replacing it.

    Remove and Clean the Roomba Filter

    6. Clean the Roomba Sensors

    The sensors on your roomba can become dirty, affecting its performance. To clean them, use a clean, dry cloth to wipe them down gently. Be careful not to scratch the sensors, as this could damage them.

    Clean the Roomba Sensors

    7. Clean roomba Charging Contacts

    Clean the charging contacts on your roomba to ensure that it’s charging correctly. Use a clean, dry cloth to gently wipe down the contacts and remove any dirt or debris that may be preventing a secure connection. This simple step can help ensure that your roomba is able to charge quickly and efficiently.

    Clean roomba Charging Contacts

      8. Reassemble Your Roomba

      Reassemble your roomba with ease. After cleaning all parts, securely fit the filter compartment back in place, using the screws provided. Then, click the brush back into place to ensure a neat, secure finish.

      Reassemble Your Roomba


      By following these simple steps, you can keep your roomba in top condition and maintain its cleaning efficacy. Regularly cleaning your roomba will not only prevent problems, but it will also extend its lifespan, ensuring that your floors remain clean for many years to come. With these tips, you can easily keep your roomba best in running.


      How do you clean the inside of a Roomba roller?

      To clean the inside of a roomba roller, first remove the roller and the side brush. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove dirt/debris that is stuck in the roller brush. Use a damp cloth for removing dirt/dust from the roller.

      Can I wash my Roomba rollers?

      No, it is not recommended to wash your roomba rollers as it could damage the electrical components inside.

      What needs to be cleaned on Roomba?

      The rollers, side brush, and filter need to be cleaned on a roomba. Clean your vacuum filter after every month.

      How often do you need to clean the filter on a Roomba?

      The filter on a roomba should be cleaned every month or two to ensure it is operating correctly.