How to Clean a Stroller Safely and Effectively

It’s the duty of parents to keep baby strollers clean because it’s important for them. But most of the parents don’t know how to clean a stroller without damaging it. In this article, we’ll provide you with simple and effective steps on how to clean a stroller, so you can keep it fresh and ready for your next adventure with your little one.

1. Remove Fabric Parts

Start by removing any fabric parts that can be detached from the stroller, such as the seat pad, canopy, and harness straps. At the time of removing the parts of strollers must follow the guidelines of the manufacturer. Once removed, shake off any loose dirt or crumbs.

2. Cleaning Crumbs and Dirt

The first step in cleaning a stroller is to remove all of the crumbs and dirt. You can use a vacuum or stiff brush to remove crumbs from the seat and basket. For removing the dirt or dust from the basket, use damp cloth.

Cleaning Crumbs and Dirt

3. Spot Cleaning

If your stroller has any spots or stains, spot cleaning is the next step.

  • For cleaning stains, spot cleaning, use a mixture (liquid detergent + warm water). Dump the cloth into the mixture then scrub it on the dirty spot gently.
  • Don’t use much water for cleaning the stroller because it can damage the fabric.
Spot Cleaning

4. Dealing with Tough Messes

For tough messes like yogurt or other sticky substances, it’s best to let them dry and then scrape them off with a plastic scraper. After that, use a cloth with soapy water to clean the surface.

Dealing with Tough Messes

5. Cleaning the Handles, Straps, and Wheels

How to clean stroller wheels? How to clean stroller fabric? Don’t forget to clean the handles, wheels, and straps of strollers. These are the main parts of baby strollers. You can use the same damp cloth with soapy water to clean these areas.

Cleaning the Handles, Straps, and Wheels

6. Avoiding Damage

Remember to keep the seat cover on at all times, as it can be difficult to remove and reattach correctly. Also, avoid taking the stroller frame apart, as it can be complicated to reassemble and easy to lose small parts.

Maintenance Tips

To keep your stroller clean and fresh between deep cleanings, here are some maintenance tips:

  • Regularly shake off loose dirt and crumbs from the fabric parts and stroller frame after each use.
  • When you see stains and spills on a stroller, clean it as soon as possible because when the stains and spills are gone inside, they are difficult to clean.
  • Use a stroller cover or storage bag when not in use to protect it from dust, dirt, and moisture.
  • Don’t use any harsh chemicals or hard material for cleaning the stroller fabric or frame. These harsh chemicals and hard material things can damage the fabric or frame of a stroller.
  • Before cleaning the stroller, you must read the manufacturer guidebook.


It is not difficult to clean your baby stroller, by following our given above cleaning stroller’s steps, anybody can easily clean stroller at home.