How to Clean Dustbuster? A Beginner’s Guide

As we know that dustbuster is an amazing handy tool for cleaning our homes, offices and many other places. With the dustbuster we can make our environment neat & clean and dirt free. It’s very important for a good dustbuster to clean it on time. Few dustbuster users know how to clean dustbuster, but a large number of people want to know about the process of cleaning dustbuster vacuum and its filter.

how to clean dustbuster

Steps of Cleaning Dustbuster Vacuum

Here we share the step by step guide, follow these steps and make your dustbuster handheld vacuum in top condition.

Disassembly Dustbuster Vacuum:

Before cleaning the dustbuster vacuum, first disassemble it. Follow the steps of disassembly.

  • Unplug if any power source connects.
  • Empty your vacuum dust in the dustbin or dust compartment.
Disassembly Dustbuster Vacuum

There are 2 types of shapes in dustbuster vacuum. One is Door design and second one is Nozzle design.

  • The empty process is the same for both designs, open dustbuster and empty the dustbin.
  • Now remove the filter from dustbuster carefully.
open dustbuster and empty the dustbin

Cleaning of Dustbuster Vacuum:

Now follow these steps of cleaning your dustbuster handheld vacuum cleaner.

  • After removing dust and filter from dustbuster.
  • Now time to clean the filter and dustbuster body.
  • Hit the filter on your hand to remove dust from it.
  • Now wash your filter and dust bowl with warm soapy water.
  • After washing, let it dry.
Cleaning of Dustbuster Vacuum

Note: After every use, clean your dustbuster vacuum. With this process you can maintain your vacuum for long.

Reassembling the Dustbuster Vacuum:

After cleaning your black and decker dustbuster handheld vacuum cleaner. You need to reassemble your dustbuster in original condition. Remember one thing, at the time of reassembly of the vacuum cleaner, follow the manufacturer’s user manual guide.

Reassembling the Dustbuster Vacuum

We hope with this how to clean dustbuster guide, you will easily clean your dustbuster without spending money.