How to Fold a Stroller? 6 Different Brands with Folding Steps

Strollers are essential for parents who have young children, offering a convenient mode of transportation for your little ones, whether you’re going to the park, traveling, or running. Knowing how to fold a stroller properly is crucial for easy transport and storage. We’ll discuss the steps of stroller folding.

Note: Firstly, it’s important to see your stroller model. Not all strollers fold the same way, so it’s crucial to consult the user manual to understand the specific folding mechanism of your stroller. 

There are different stroller brands, each brand has a different method of folding. We discuss some of the famous brands here. Follow the folding steps of your baby stroller brand.

    How to Fold a Graco Stroller?

    Every Graco stroller has a different method of folding but here we share the common one. By following these Graco stroller folding steps, you can fold and store it.

    1. Press the Breaks buttons which are near the tires.
    2. You can find the folding strap underneath the seat.
    3. Pull the strap up while lifting the stroller up.

    Follow these for folding the Graco stroller. The method of unfolding the Graco stroller is easy. You are just.

    1. Pull the handle up, pushing down on the center of the seat.

    How to Fold a Bob Stroller?

    Most of the people use the Bob strollers but they don’t know how to fold and unfold the Bob stroller. The steps of folding a Bob stroller are very simple. Follow the instructions and fold the stroller.

    1. First Pull up the levers. (Placed on handle).
    2. Now Pull the red handle toward you.

    How to Fold a Graco Jogging Stroller?

    We mention above that different Graco models have different methods of folding. Here is the folding method of a Graco jogging stroller.

    1. Press breaks which are near the tires.
    2. Pull the folding strap up.
    3. You can find the folding strap underneath the seat.

    How to Fold a Bob Double Stroller?

    Learn how to fold Bob double strollers with these steps. You just need to follow these steps.

    1. Find the red latches on the right and left side of the stroller.
    2. Push the red latches up while pushing the handlebar forward to fold the stroller.
    3. Push in on the knobs above the back wheels on the bottom right and left side while pushing the wheels forward to complete the folding process.
    1. To unfold the stroller, untie the tether (if applicable), pull back on the handlebars, and kick it forward.
    2. Check that the knobs on the right and left side have slid up into the back locking position.

    How to Fold Vista Stroller?

    Do you know how to fold and unfold the Vista stroller? If your answer is NO then you’re in the right place, here we share the step-by-step process of folding a vista stroller. Follow these steps and fold your Vista stroller.

    1. Begin by hitting the brake on the Vista Stroller to ensure it is stable.
    2. Extend the handlebar to the highest position.
    3. Pull back on the triggers located on the handlebar.
    4. Notice the two rubber bumpers on the handlebar that keep the foam off the ground when the stroller is standing for a more compact fold.
    5. Fold down the footrest of the stroller.
    6. Push on the gray tab and pull the handlebars up towards you to initiate the folding process.
    7. Continue pulling the handlebars until the Vista Stroller is folded into a compact size.

    How to Fold Evenflo Stroller?

    The main steps for folding an Evenflo stroller are:

    1. Locate the gray latch on the left side of the stroller and pull up on it.
    2. Pull the handlebars straight up until you hear the “click sound”.
    3. Find the “up arrows” on the right and left side of the handlebars, just underneath them.
    4. Pull up on the up arrows at the same time while pressing the handlebar down to fold the stroller.
    5. Listen for the click to confirm that the stroller has folded into place.
    6. To remove or reverse the bassinet, locate the buttons on the right and left side of the bassinet.
    7. Push in on those buttons simultaneously and pull straight up to remove or reverse the bassinet.
    8. Set the bassinet straight again if needed.

    Note: People also want to know about how to unfold strollers. The unfolding steps of the stroller are very simple. Check your model user manual guidebook and see the unfolding method because every model has a different unfolding method.


    We share the step-by-step guide on different stroller brands folding process. Don’t forget to follow your user manual guidebook because all brands have different methods of folding. The best way to fold your stroller is to follow the steps from your user manual guide.