WiFi Extender Setup: Things you need to know

A WiFi extender is a type of device that can boost the coverage of a wireless network by amplifying the existing signal. This device is also referred to as a range extender and can be a budget-friendly solution to improve the coverage of a WiFi network. It is useful in locations where the signal strength is not strong enough. In this blog, we will share the steps for setting up a WiFi extender to help users get the most out of their wireless network. With this wifi extender setup, you can easily do all settings of your wifi extender.

WiFi Extender Setup

    WiFi Extender Setup Guide

    Setting up a wifi extender can help to boost wifi signal & extend the range of wireless network. People can set up wifi extenders with 2 different methods: 1 is WPS and 2nd is without WPS. Here are the wifi extender setup methods:

    Wifi Extender WPS Setup:

    • Access your router’s configuration page through a browser on your computer.
    • Look for the WPS setting page and press the “WPS button” on the extender.
    • The extender light will start blinking.
    • Within two minutes, press the physical WPS button on your router or the software button in the router configuration page.
    • Wait for the WPS light and the router link light to light up on the extender.
    • For dual band routers, repeat the process for both the “2.4 GHz and 5 GHz” signals.
    • Connect your device to the wireless network created by the extender with the same name as your existing wireless network, but with an extension at the end of the name.
    • Enter your existing wifi password.
    WPS Setup

    Setup Without WPS:

    • Plug in the extender and connect to the extender’s wireless network.
    • Open a browser and type IPs like or or according to your router.
    • Click on the setup button and create an account.
    • Once done, the extender will start looking for available wireless networks.
    • Click on your wireless network then type the existing wireless password.
    • Choose a name for the extended wireless network.
    • Click on next and wait for the settings to be saved to your extender.
    • Connect devices to your extender’s wireless network.
    • Place your extender on a new location where your wireless network signal strength is weak.
    Setup Without WPS

    With these steps you can learn how to connect wifi extender to router. Follow these steps to set up your wifi extender and enjoy better wifi signal and extended range.

    Wifi Extender Placement

    Wifi Extender Placement
    1. Plug in your extender.
    2. Look for the router link light on the extender to determine the quality of the connection with the router.
    3. The meaning of Green is best connection, Amber is good connection, Red is poor connection, and off means no connection.
        Wifi Extender lights meanings
        1. Test your devices connected to the extender to ensure access to the internet and other network resources.


        What do I need to setup WiFi Extender Setup?

        To setup a WiFi extender, you’ll need the extender device, a router with an active internet connection, and a device (laptop or smartphone) to configure the extender.

        How do I install WiFi Extender Setup?

        The installation process of a WiFi extender may vary depending on the WiFi extender model and brand of the device. Plug in your extender into the electric switch and connect your extender with your router with the help of ethernet cable. Then, using your device, access the extender’s configuration page through a web browser and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the setup process.

        Can WiFi Extender Setup work with any router?

        Most WiFi extender devices should work with any router, as long as they support the same WiFi standards and have the same frequency bands. However, it is always advisable to check the compatibility of your router before buying a WiFi extender to ensure seamless integration of the devices.